Knowlex short for 'knowledge exchange' is regarded as a trusted and valued resource for healthcare professionals. The NHS is at a crossroads with unprecedented constraints on finance and resources and a seemingly continual growth of demand. Indeed there appears a rocky road ahead in light of an ageing population demographic and demand for 24/7 access to treatment. Knowlex provides access to all healthcare provider and commissioning organisations (for example acute trusts, CCGs, community health, mental health, and local authorities) to a platform that provides a series of activities and documents that allow those at the coalface to become more knowledgeable and therefore more capable of delivering efficient and effective outcomes both for the public purse and more importantly patients. Indeed our offering is no longer just a domestic venture within the UK as we now also collaborate with international colleagues from countries such as the USA, Canada and the Middle East who have joined our community.

'Knowlex provides access to all healthcare provider and commissioning organisations' 


Our offering is designed around a programme of interlinked activity designed to inform and educate around the needs, requirements, barriers and time commitments of our users. The programme is accessible to our users on an invitation only basis. As our activities are video/audio recorded there is also an opportunity to view on demand at a later possibly more convenient time. This additional opportunity means that a particular message can also reach whole teams within trusts rather than just a sole attendee.

'We design to inform and educate around the needs, requirements, barriers and time commitments of our users'


It might seem a cliché, but one of the best ways for professionals to improve their performance is to learn from their peers in similar organisations. No one acute trust, ccg, or local authority has a monopoly on great ideas so the ability to come together, collaborate and discuss issues face to face even in our digital world today, is still very powerful. Therefore the centrepiece of Knowlex’s efforts are national conferences.


Indeed our events are centred around bringing together under one roof, 400 plus preselected and qualified healthcare professionals as delegates to hear presentations from, and interact with policy makers and learn of the latest technologies, services and products that enable them to improve on service delivery and potentially budgetary savings.


Our highly skilled delegate interviewing team make enquiries of each delegate’s role and requirements prior to the completion of each registration. This then allows the conference and Speaker production team to approach and deliver a contemporary and validated educational opportunity that is treasured by our attendees, partners and stakeholders.


Face-to-face meetings and conferences are the ultimate way to obtain CPD and generally exchange great ideas. However, taking time out of the workplace and the resource of travel and accommodation on a regular basis is not always appropriate. Imagine the ability of HCPs from across the country to link up with global experts and key opinion leaders from around the world without even leaving their desk. With Knowlex’s webinar series, that is possible. Participants can listen to live presentations as if they were in the room with the presenter, and can even submit questions and interact during the session. Keep reviewing our website to see our forward programme of webinars.


At such a tumultuous time for our healthcare system, there are plenty of thorny issues that need to be on the agenda for public discourse. For our panel debate series, Knowlex brings together the experts and key opinion leaders to lead professional discussion. Panellists then debate the issues in a ‘Question Time’ format, and the conversation is filmed and distributed by via stakeholders, social media, and relevant websites. 


Our roundtable series is similar to the panel debate format, except the discussion is not filmed and is conducted under the ‘Chatham House Rule’*.  Knowlex also invites a slightly larger audience for the roundtables – between 15 and 20 – from a diverse background in order for different perspectives to be taken in key debates. As well as the intrinsic value of frank discussions about important issues in a safe environment, Knowlex also publishes a short paper after each roundtable for the benefit of key stakeholders. Any contributions to the debate are anonymised within the document.


* Information disclosed during a meeting may be reported by those present, but the source of that information may not be explicitly or implicitly identified.

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